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High Speed Access To My Brain- 2008

Years passed as LTJ tours and studio projects took up most of my time. I was still stockpiling songs that felt like there were more in the Rehasher head space. I started to get into really squeezing out the songs and being a semi-control freak in the studio. On this record, Jake Crown played all the drums in a couple days. I took several months to play all the guitars and bass and finish the lyrics. Ryan Geis contributed on a couple tracks, and sang lead vocals on "Saving Face". The majority of the album, however, started to feel like my own solo project. We only played a hand full of shows after 2008 and only 4 or 5 of these songs live, ever. These were the most personal lyrics i had ever shgared, and i really love some of these songs. 

Recorded at the Moathouse and Mixed by Stephen Edgerton. Jason Livermore mastered the record at the Blasting room. The crafty Horsebites did the artwork.

Make The Noise- JULY 10 2015!!

The musical cycle continues! After another round of studio projects, LTJ tours and albums, it was time again to turn my attention to those "other songs". Without a dobut the lyrical content, influences and new musical ideas put this album into a "solo" "just me" mindset. The band guys and i hadn't really been hanging out much, and i knew i was going to change a little bit of the sound on some tracks, so i decided to have some other friends play drums on this batch of songs. Three drummers shared thier talents on this album; Kyle, Alex and Mamo.

It took nearly a year of writing and re working before the songs were done and all the guitar parts and vocals were finally tracked. Recorded at the Moathouse and Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Edgerton, This collection of songs are my favortie batch of "solo" material i've every put together and i can't to get it out there. 


Side Dishes:

Clock Smash EP

A couple extra songs during the "Make The Noise" writing seemed to want to be out on thier own... Released in 2015, these two songs were a blast. Mamo played drums on both of these. The 7" will be out on some lable and limited to 500 copies. 

PVC- single was kinda an early soundcloud type thing, and we decided we were going to write an exclusive song for them. It was recorded and mixed pretty rushed but we loved the song and it was always fun to play live. Features Jake and Geis and myself on vocals, this one was all old school rehasher!



Offkey Melodies- 2003

After I had recorded a band from Virgina called "Hometeam", Two of the guys ended up moving to Gainesville. Ryan Geis, Jake Crown and i became fast friends, and after adding local bassist Gui Armador, we started playing a couple Hometeam songs and some other song i had that didn't fit into the LTJ headspace. Those songs became the first album. I recorded it at the Moathouse and it was mixed by Mike Baehler ( he used to do sound for LTJ and now he works for those Fall Out Boy guys). During this era of the band, we are activly playing shows. We played the first FEST and did a short tour up the east coast. 

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